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Hamstring Graft

Hamstring ACL Reconstruction

Hamstring Incision
Hamstring Incision.

Many surgeons have moved away from the use of patellar tendon graft, choosing to use hamstring grafts. In this case, two of the hamstring tendons are harvested through a small incision in the front of the knee. They are cleaned and shaped to create a 4-bundled graft. This graft that is essentially as strong as the gold-standard patellar tendon graft.

While the fixation methods vary, they can all be done arthroscopically as the graft is passed through the tibia and into the femur.

Hamstring Incision
Hamstring Incision.

The advantages of this graft are significant:

• A smaller, more cosmetic incision
• Less donor site pain
• Less postoperative stiffness
• Easier range of motion in rehab

The disadvantages are variabilities in graft size and quality, long-term stretching and recurrent laxity, and hamstring weakness.

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